Quality and environment

Roland Gustavsson Grävmaskiner AB puts the customer in the center. The customer must feel so secure that it is no problem handing over the responsibility to us. As our company is ISO-certified, we put great effort into living up to our environmental and quality objectives. We want to work with clients who favor high quality and who monitor compliance with specifications, laws and regulations.

It's a given that our machines and equipment are constantly checked and inspected and followed up by our customized service programs.

We have internal and external training courses so that we constantly will stay ahead of our competitors.

RGG has setup own requirements in a document that addresses safety, environment and quality for its employees and contractors, as well as agreements governing its enforcement. And of course we have insurances covering our commitments.

Security for the customer is something we value highly. We believe in unbroken and clean vehicles. We know that quality pays.

We are certified for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and work environment AFS 2001:1.

Certification Manager:

Linda Gustavsson