Trenchless techniques

RGG uses most techniques available on the market.

Guided boring:

RGG has its own equipment and can quickly satisfy the need. We also perform project planning so that the mission can be completed in the best way. Our rig is designed to occupy minimal space in the working area.

Impact moling:

We have impact moles of various sizes and also custom tips so that we can pull back from e.g. private properties.


RGG has various machines in different sizes so that we can adapt to the specific task. Vibrating and static. Large and small. Chain trenching We have trenchers in several sizes to be used everywhere from small private properties to arable land. We also have backfill plows in order to simplify the work.


The method is performed with industrial diamond blades and is not affected by the type of filling into the ground. It is a licensed method allowing high speed and minimizes the environmental impact. The method is a complete concept with specially developed backfilling and sealing approved by road authoritories.

Our staff operating the various machines are trained in accordance with both state and municipal regulations as well as in what we would call " general cable understanding".

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